NNRBA and Breed Clubs.............................

     If you are a Breed Club or Individual interested in forming a Club this message is for you. A prime concern in breed clubs is to accurately document and register your existing or newly created breed in order to successfully maintain and or develop a strong hearty and healthy line of dogs. The NNRBA tracks not only parentage but also color genetics and any other tell-tail genetic indicators specific to your breed. We can run an inbreeding co-efficiency check at a click and verify a multi generation pedigree check.  All these things help to verify the history and accuracy of your dog's lines.

     We have developed a way, where control, proper fees and decisions about your breed stay within your club and individual hands keeping your breed separate and unique. If your club is registered with us we save your breeders and members money by charging a low fee of $2.00 per transfer of dogs and litter registrations. The present charges subject only to change if there is an increase in printing or postal rates.

     As a Club you will have full control of your breed and the decisions that are made to the benefit of them. Your club's registrations can be set up so that you're the ones approving individual dogs to your standards and can also have your club's logo printed on the certificate.  Your breed is showcased on our web site to boost membership and breed recognition. You can take advantage of Breeder Web Pages ($75.00 a year) to dramatically increase your exposure and puppy sales.

     With many experts available to us that include, genetics, color, dog training, web site and club developers on hand we can help to solve breed-related problems and also assist with developing your club to its full potential.


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