Should be done on a national  not just local level to stimulate interest through out a wide variety of populations.
Using a wide variety of media like Newspapers, shows, internet, and word of mouth.
Your veterinarian may be a helpful form of advertising because he is often asked by his clients about a breed that may be suitable for ones particular needs or contacted for specific health issues.

Bring your dogs into a social circle anytime you can. For every time someone sees your breed and shows interest, they will pass it along to others.

Building of a reputation
Quality and Health-  Backing your puppies and dogs with a Health Guarantee.
Knowledge of your breed- potencial buyers want their questions answered accurately and honestly.
Presentation- A clean, neat organized kennel and surroundings are essential, for first impression is very important.

Documentation of your own dogs
Excellant Photos- A picture says 1000 words, if you have ancestors to your dogs this is a wonderful way to let others see for themselves what your dogs have come down from.
Pedigrees- Professional certificates and pedigrees show concern for the accuracy within your breeding program.
References- Another persons first hand experience will go a long way in boosting your reputation and assuring them that you have the necessary

Make false or misleading claims, ship or sell a sick or unthrifty animal or make excuses.

Something for your fanciers
The NNRBA allows breeders some special perks:
Breeders will be offering something really special to their customers at no cost to them with the Photo ID certificates and Pedigrees that show and tell it all.
Cost cutting for breeders registering their litters at $2.00 per litter.
Ease of online registration for all dogs and litters.
The use of a honest, reliable, helpful registry that can pass your information along with assurance. If we don't know the answer we will try and find out.

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