The Guatemalan Bull Terrier was created and developed in the 1930's by Hector Montenegro. The exact breeds that comprise it are sketchy due to the fact that he took his secrets to the grave in 1994. the debate still goes on today of the exact breeds that were used. 

     Research, from speaking to long time breeders and fanciers in the Guatemalan area have revealed what the dog might have been originally composed of. It is said that it started with The Fighting Dog Of Cordoba, a double dose of Bull Terrier, Boxer, Dalmatian and Dogue De Bordeaux. These dogs were bred for the sole purpose of guard duty and defense. The Cordoba and Bordeaux gave the breed great strength, determination and courage. Boxer was added for intelligence and trainability. Dalmatian attributed a tremendous ability for endurance, and Bull Terrier added an absolutely fearless personality and tenacity. By doubling up on Bull Terrier the white coat color was locked in. 

     In 1981 the Guatemalan became the official breed of Guatemala and has remained stable for the last 55 years. Dr. Arturo Travez, grandson of the late Montenegro heads the Guatemalan Associations and Clubs and is in charge of registering the breed there. The National New and Rare Breed Association (NNRBA) handles the registry in the USA. It is a relatively rare dog in the United States but with great capacity to become very popular in the coming years as people come to know them. 

     The Guatemalan Bull Terrier is of medium stature, weighs 55-80 pounds and stands 22"-24" at the shoulder. He is a white dog with occasional black eye patches or head markings. Guatemalans are a rugged dog with a rather thick skin and a smooth dense coat. The tail is cropped and the ears are either left in a natural drop style or can be cropped to a Doberman or Boxer cut. Americans do not require the ears to be cut.

     In Guatemala, whether in the show ring or at home, the dog must posses certain qualities. The dog should not want to be handled by strangers and if it will not defend the home is considered a totally useless dog. Because of high crime and corruption in Guatemala the dog must defend the home at all costs. In the show ring, if he tries to bite the judge, it is perfectly acceptable. You can feel 100 percent confidant in the presence of this breed being guard dog par excellent. 

     The Guatemalan is a fairly calm and controlled breed that lends itself well to protection training yet remains absolutely great with its family. Being suspicious by nature he learns very early to be leery of all strangers and activities. He is totally non-protesting to his owner and will not abandon him or his property. This is a breed that truly enjoys the company of its own people and displays obedience at its best. It is a child's best friend and he interacts well with other dogs he is raised with and will also accept a newcomer. They are not a fighting breed. Hip and health problems are virtually unknown, so you can expect a long life. Because he is a smaller size with a short coat he works well in an apartment type setting needing little, if any, grooming. They do not require a lot of exercise but certainly do enjoy a long walk or romp threw a field.

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